What is Work Phone Number & How to Get One?

You might find yourself wondering 🤔 why someone requires a work phone number for calling in the modern era of digital technology.

Interestingly, the fact is that having a specific work phone number has a surprisingly wide range of advantages for both individuals and companies, making it a precious asset😊 for your job.

This article will provide you with all the information you require to understand work phone numbers, covering the overall guidelines around them, their value to your business, and how they differ from ordinary phone numbers.

  • A work phone number is a dedicated phone number designed for business purposes
  • You can get 4 types of work phone numbers: Local, Toll-Free, Mobile, Vanity Number
  • You Need valid documentation to buy work phone numbers
  • The price of this type of phone number depends upon carrier provider, number types
  • Consider your budget, call rate, customer support, and features while buying numbers.

What Is a Work Phone Number?

A work phone number👈 is a different, dedicated phone number from your personal number that is used exclusively for business-related matters only.  It operates with your current personal cell phone but isn’t connected to any particular person.


Having separate work phone numbers helps you handle professional communication, texts, and voicemails related to your work. 

It helps to foster a serious and reliable image of you and your business when making calls with clients, colleagues, and employers.

What types of work phone numbers are available for business?

There are specific kinds of work phone numbers that serve different purposes. You may quickly determine the distinctions between the numbers and their purposes by using the following explanation.

 Here is a list of several business phone numbers that are available for you:

1. Toll-free

A toll-free number is a type of work phone number that costs no charges when making a call. The owner of the number is in charge of covering all call fees. 

So if you are looking to purchase a toll-free number, it’s better for you to select a VoIP phone system for your business that validates all your business needs and charges a reasonable price.

2. Local Phone Number

Businesses prefer local phone numbers because they make their clients familiar with the number and trust the business. 

A local phone number contains an area code specific to the local area, such as the city or town of a certain country, which will make it easier to connect with customers and make businesses look more genuine.

3. Mobile Phone Number

A mobile number that only exists digitally or virtually and isn’t connected to a real phone line is known as a virtual business mobile number. For a variety of reasons, businesses frequently employ virtual mobile numbers.

Through virtual mobile numbers, all the incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, and MMS can be easily done through your phone to your team and clients.

4. Vanity Phone Number

Vanity numbers are a specific type of customizable personal number made out of combined numbers or words (1-800-FLOWERS is one example of a vanity number). 

Phone numbers that include recognizable characters or number patterns that may help customers recall your business number more easily.

Why should I get a work phone number🙌?

Work phone numbers are getting more and more popular in recent days due to how they can make an impact on businesses and their branding. Having a work phone number has its benefits, some of which are explained below:

1. Enhance Work-life Balance

Getting a business number allows you to keep your work and personal lives separate. You can manage and distinguish what calls are important at the moment and what can be ignored. 

With a work phone number, it allows you to set boundaries and helps you prevent burnout in your personal and professional lives.

2. Dynamic Features

A work phone number assures you of multiple features that traditional phone numbers don’t. Having top-end features with advanced call management such as advanced calling, voice mail, call record, call forwarding, and call transfer makes business activities more fruitful and easier for other parties as well.  

3. Flexibility

How do work phone numbers allow you to have business flexibility? Well, if you are planning to expand your business in the future, a business phone system allows you to provide plans that suit your business model.

You can also easily customize your subscription plans without having trouble adding extra hardware or setups; you just need to pay a little more subscription fees, and that’s all it takes.

 4. Cost-efficient

When compared to traditional phone services, the 🙏 cost of virtual work phone numbers is lower. Traditional phone bills may cost double when compared to virtual work phone numbers.

 Even for making international calls, there won’t be any additional cost. You don’t have to worry about all the additional costs for hardware, technical support, maintenance, checkups, and so on. 

5. Multiple Phone Numbers

By signing up for the business VoIP phone system, you can easily access multiple phone numbers, such as toll-free, local numbers, mobile numbers, vanity numbers, number porting, and many more. 

These numbers are all available in more than 100 countries and can easily be purchased through a virtual business phone system.

How to Get A New Work Phone Number?

Here is the step-by-step process to get a new work phone number:

  1. First, go to the KrispCall home page and click on Signup.
  2. Once you sign up, you need to fill up your details, such as your name, email, organization name, and password.
  3. Enter your workspace name.
  4. Select your payment plans according to your business model and needs.
  5. Enter your card details.
  6. After you fill in all the necessary details, you are directed to your dashboard.
  7. In your dashboard, go to my numbers.
  8. You can directly get your new work number by selecting the country and choosing available numbers.
  9. You can choose multiple numbers at a time and use those numbers for your business after paying for those numbers, and you are good to go.

                   How to get a virtual phone number from KrispCall?

5 Best Work Phone Number Providers in 2024

There are various work phone number providers available in the market that provide lots of good services and are top-notch when it comes to overall benefits and performance.

 Choosing the best business VoIP providers positively impacts your business. Here are the five best work phone number providers for smooth business communication.

1. KrispCall

KrispCall offers extensive features😮 with a dynamic range of virtual work phone numbers that can be obtained easily at a low cost. As a cloud-based system, KrispCall does not require any type of physical installation like hardware equipment,  additional wire, or any technical support and can be easily set up at the office, home, or any device.

When it comes to choosing business phone service providers, with a wide range of features, and an easy-to-use dashboard you can choose KrispCall as it is one of the best choices that you can easily get familiar with, and is suitable for any type of business. Review of KrispCall’s client

Key Points

  • KrispCall is now available for Android, Web, and iOS, which allows every customer to use KrispCall.
  • Pricing starts at $15 per user per month for Essential.
  • A huge pool of work phone numbers is available for more than 100+ countries.
  • Suitable for all types of businesses, from individual to big-size businesses, with affordable prices to customizable plans

2. 8×8

8×8 comes with a package of VoIP phones, chat, video, unified communication technologies, etc. It is one of the technology businesses that was started in 1987 and has now successfully grown into one of the best business communications companies.

8×8 using a single, interconnected platform, unifies client relations and interactions throughout your whole company. It delivers a good customer experience and engages its users with every essential need and help possible.

Key Points

  • An all-in-one communication package for every employee is called Unified Communications.
  • 8×8 use SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking.
  • 8×8 is certified to the most rigorous compliance standards due to which it is Secure and compliant 

 3. Nextiva

Nextiva provides an easy-to-use web-based admin panel that enables small business owners to handle the unified communications platform like an expert with ease. It includes call routing, voicemail to email, text messages, online faxing, and free domestic calling.

Nextiva helps businesses adopt existing handsets into the new office phone system. It has been providing its services for some of the top universities and top brands like UCLA and Taco Bell.


  • Services are suitable for small businesses.
  • Pricing starts at $18.95 per month for the Essential plan.
  • The Nextiva app is available for both iOS and Android phones.
  • Changed its PBX system to powerful SIP trunking.

4. Ring Central

RingCentral is one of the very first businesses in the VoIP phone providers. It has a reputation for combining modern technology with distinctive design to deliver a safe, all-in-one, cloud-hosted solution.

Both physical organizations and those looking to replace their landline phones may profit greatly from RingCentral’s phone solution. As RingCentral is one of the best and most popular VoIP platforms, it possesses a sizable directory for app integration.


  • Business phone service is suitable for all sizes of companies.
  • Pricing starts at $20 per month for each user.
  • It supports phone, live support, email, and training purposes.
  • Ring Center is based on a cloud-based PBX system.

5. Ooma

Ooma is one of the well-known business-specialized VoIP solutions that is more of a professional and efficient product. In the case of numbers, it provides local, toll-free, and number porting.

One of the drawbacks of Ooma is that in today’s workplace, where every service is provided online, it still uses the services using hardware.


  • Making calls within Canada and the US is free.
  • Pricing starts at $19.95 per month per user with no contract.
  • Ideal for teams operating from home as well as regular office environments with desk phones.

 In Conclusion

If you are still using your personal number for making business calls as well, then it’s time to change it to a work phone number. For that, it’s better to prefer a reliable virtual work phone number provider. It offers you access to a wide range of benefits and advanced services for your business.

You can get your new work phone number by signing up for KrispCall. To improve the flow of communication within the business or deal with your clients in an efficient manner,😇 why not choose the best work phone number providers?

Request a free demo today!


What are some of the best business VoIP providers?

There are various business VoIP providers but among them, KrispCall is one of the best business VoIP providers with dynamic features. Besides KrispCall there are others such as DialPad, CloudTalk, and so on.

How to get a new business phone number?

Now you can get your new business phone number with ease online directly by signing up through the business cloud phone service providers available out there.

Is a virtual phone system good for small businesses?

Yes, small business communications are perfectly suited for virtual phone systems due to their flexibility, affordable fees, and performance.

Difference between the VoIP phone system VS Google Voice?

One of the major differences users mentioned is that VoIP has better customer service support whereas there is the absence of assistance in Google Voice.

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